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EDDD8082-1 Supportive environments Introduction

  Hello future Doctorate colleagues! Hopefully, I will connect with more of my colleagues from other Early Childhood classes as well as learn from new people in the field. My name is Felicia Farr and I have been in Early Childhood since 2000. I started as an assistant and then moved into co-teaching into 2002 with infant and toddlers. After my son in 2005, I went back to preschool until 2009 when I taught first grade. Since then if I was not teaching a Kindergarten split with First Grade I was back and forth with preschool. I became involved with dance and am a cheer- dance coach for grades prek-5 at my current school. I am currently a kindergarten teacher in West Memphis, TN. It is the only Dual Language program that teaches English and Spanish throughout the day in West Tennessee. I actually am the English teacher there so I am supposed to speak English all day to the ELL learners and traditional students so they pick up English. We have a preschool to fifth grade at our school and connect with middle school in shared buildings. I always wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher after I had a great Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Groover in Fort Wayne Indiana, Ward Elementary School. In high school in pursuit of my degree as a kindergarten teacher I attended a technical vocational school where I earned my Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) in Preschool. That’s when I knew I wanted Preschool, because the demands in Kindergarten had become like First Grade work. Eventually I had to accept Kindergarten after applying for positions listed as Preschool but were actually Kindergarten and I’ve been in Kindergarten since 2012 with one year being a First Grade split.I am now the bridge between Preschool and First Grade. I connect Preschool to Kindergarten and build the foundation for First Grade. I want to pursue my Doctorate because as I am bridging a gap, I need help from Preschool teachers to lessen the gap between Preschool and Kindergarten so that children are stronger and can advance successfully into first grade. If they are so far behind from Preschool as a Kindergarten Teacher I have to catch them up to and they may fall short of the end of the year goal to be where they need to be for First Grade. I want there to be a readiness process that can be measured so all ( parents, teachers, and students) know they are headed for success in the next grade level they move forward to.