Sharing Your Language and Literacy Development Journey with Your Community of Practice

I have a little boy who is bilateral deaf (hearing impaired in both ears).One ear can hear about seventy percent of words spoken while the other ear is completely deaf. My language and literacy journey has been difficult when it comes to hearing impairment. Cochlear implants seems to cure all unless severely deaf. To continue, I need more suggestions on resources and interventions after cochlear implants. What is next?

Our resources throughout the course gave many good examples to use. Yes, I hit on milestones,language acquisition, but only receiving two new articles each section of this early childhood journey. Any suggestions for hearing impaired resources? Page length is no problem for me except to get to four pages, it feels like I’m repeating myself and trying to drag out information already covered in the introduction of the child. How do you move through sections without repeating/ plagiarizing  what you have previously talked about? For me frustration comes when another section is due and I haven’t figured out if I was doing the first few right. So please when reading and giving honest feed back or suggestions let me know how to make this better. I won’t get offended I just need to know what can be added or taken out. So I am including my Intro/prenatal section and the section that came next: “Toddler” section. I believe if I know how to fix these sections, I can fix the rest of the paper or at least have the confidence that I am going in the right direction. According to our emails/ announcements, I “revised” only the toddler section to make sure as the writing center told me at my residency about APA and scholarly writing, to cite every sentence if you have to. Also although most websites do not have page numbers so they are not included, even if they have dates (1999-2015) pick the last date instead of writing (n.d) so I revised that as well.And the YouTube videos had “b” and “c” on them with no date. So when it was published it wasn’t necessarily the date it was made. Some one just republished it on YouTube for Reading Rockets. So APA style has rules and I was also told by the Walden Writing Center that it various on what the professor will allow and accept so this is really even more difficult to follow APA because it changes from one course to the next. Some are basics that all must follow and others vary from professor such as if para or page numbers need to be at an end which is not always required in APA depending on the source. So if you would also check grammar and APA from your understanding in these sections that would be helpful for me as well.  I’m not sure if I should give feedback because of uncertainty of telling my colleagues the wrong the information. But nevertheless I will provide sources and input on how to add value to our upcoming major assessment. I can be a perfectionist at time and I do want things done right. Add your comments on the word document and resend to me here in the comment/reply section after you respond to a blog.Thank you in advance for your input.

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2 thoughts on “Sharing Your Language and Literacy Development Journey with Your Community of Practice

  1. I have found out that it may be difficult to send an attachment on someone else’s page, but found it helpful if you share that person page to your blog before sharing it, you can add media and upload your feedback document before sending it off. Then what I have done is go back to that person’s page and gave them the specific link that goes from my blog page to theirs that has the Word document feedback on their comment box.


  2. Felicia,

    Your paper is thoroughly comprehensive and easy to follow. I have no faults I found. I thought I would share some other resources that you might find interesting.

    The first is Gallaudet University. Under the I want to find tab is youth programs and resources from birth to grade 12.

    Another which I discovered today, and will most likely use is ( I saw a wealth of videos.

    I hope this is helpful.


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